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Cyrus Broacha Describes Bigg Boss as "Painful and Horrible" Experience: Compares It to..

Updated: Jul 26

Cyrus Broacha Describes Bigg Boss as "Painful and Horrible" Experience: Compares It to...

Cyrus Broacha Describes Bigg Boss as "Painful and Horrible" Experience: Compares It to..
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Cyrus Broacha, a former VJ and Bigg Boss OTT contestant, recently opened up about his time spent living in the iconic reality show's house. In a podcast, Broacha called Bigg Boss "hell" and said that his time there was "horrible and painful." He emphasized the difficult living conditions by comparing the setting to a concentration camp. Due to a medical problem in her family, Broacha was forced to quit the show.

In a recent podcast, Cyrus Broacha, who is well renowned for his quick wit and humor, talked about his time on Bigg Boss OTT and how it was "hell." Broacha stated his intention to talk more openly about the show after it airs, despite contractual limitations that prevent him from doing so.

Broacha said, "I have returned from hell, and let me tell you about hell, hell is largely vegetarian," when asked about his stint in the Bigg Boss house. It was a terrible event that was quite unpleasant. Can't go into too much information about that due to contractual and legal requirements.

Bigg Boss was later referred to as a "failed social experiment" by Broacha, who also compared it to a concentration camp, albeit one with amicable residents. He questioned the food's quality and the candidates' insufficient sleep duration, emphasizing their ongoing sleep deprivation. Broacha acknowledged that she slept for no more than three hours every night, which left her exhausted and unable to concentrate during the day.

The former VJ talked about his interactions with Salman Khan, the show's host, and said that Khan had listened to some of his podcast's episodes. Khan once questioned Broacha about why he didn't voice his ideas on the program, to which Broacha jokingly retorted, "Have you met these guys?"

According to Jio Cinema, the company that broadcasts Bigg Boss OTT, Broacha's exit from the program was caused by a family medical emergency. The statement asked for discretion and compassion during this trying time. Broacha had previously stated that he wanted to leave the program because of the lack of food and the negative effects that being sleep deprived was having on his health.

Bigg Boss OTT has received both praise and criticism throughout the years due to its intense and unpredictable environment. Contestants are put through a variety of hardships and endurance tests, which causes intense emotions and confrontations.

The rigorous and stressful nature of the reality program has been highlighted by Cyrus Broacha's open comments regarding his time on Bigg Boss OTT. In his description of the encounter, Broacha compared it to a "painful and horrible" concentration camp. The current season has become even more dramatic since his departure from the program due to a medical problem in his family.

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